Drawing and Painting


Let me help you to understand light and shadows, values and proportions. This class it is for beginners or for my frequent clients at the painting and wine workshop. 

This class will help you to improve your paintings incredible. 

Light on Concrete Wall

Light & Shadow

Look at the photo and tell me, do you see an area with white ? What if I tell you, that anywhere in this photo is white. This is one of the most common mistakes, as soon as you see something very "light" you want to use white, and it is not correct. 

Let me help you to see better at your photo reference.  

Dramatic Flowers


When you see this photo you think, oh, I'm going to take the red, maybe pink  black background and "green" leaves.

Because you brain is telling you how a flower needs to be. You don't believe your eyes that you actually need to use very dark values in these flowers. 

If you don't understand values, there is no possible way that your paintings will ever look as good as you want!

Dramatic Flowers