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Wednesdays Painting Workshop

Paint the Canvas - Drink the Wine.

  • 2 heures
  • Online Workshop

Description du service

This is a "Free space" where we all paint different artworks. It is important to be connected and give moral support to finish our painting ahaha IF YOU NEED MY GUIDANCE You can use the "DONATE" button to pay for my time, knowledge and guidance. Some clients donate, 10, 20 or 50 euros. I am always grateful. I will be guiding you, I will send you the photo reference with the grid, correcting your drawing etc. Otherwise is FREE. We just have a good time painting together virtually and don't forget your wine! Are you a GROUP? Please contact me: workshops@mariceladelrio.com +32483329919

Séances à venir

Politique d'annulation

• Cancellations are 3 days in advance in order not to lose your money and re-book other date. *If you cancel 1 week in advance I can make you a refund. • If you don’t assist to the workshop you’ll not get your money back nor re-book. *If you text me, call me or email me the same day or one day before, I am so sorry but I cannot give you a refund.


+32 483329919


MARICELA DEL RIO- SHOWROOM@HIVE5 Rue des Francs 79, Etterbeek, Belgium

Rue des Francs 79, 2nd floor @Hive5
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